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Spotlighting our Elite Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass replicas on this page!


Features of the
Elite replica Largemouth, Smallmouth Bass!
Awesome Detail.
Clear fins.
Full mouth detail.
Perfect gills.

We paint from your photo's of your trophy.

Honestly compare our largemouth and smallmouth bass replicas to other fish taxidermist out there. You will see that we here at Elite Fish Replica we are an Elite fish taxidermy studio. There are many less expensive replicas out there from other studios but if you choose one them you are not getting the highest quality. You do get what you pay for in the world of replicas. The trophy you caught is worth having a replica worthy of it. Don't settle for a lesser quality for that fish of a lifetime.

Every photo on this page are of customer trophies or fish for sale!

This is what the replica looks like before we airbrush it from your photos.

Amazing scale detail!

If you are thinking about a largemouth or smallmouth bass replica or you have made the decision to get one, compare apples to apples and see if what you are looking at somewhere else has these features and the artictic detail of the painting and if not then you are not getting the best that's available. Our replicas are the most realistic I have ever seen. Coupled with my fantastic airbrush work we feel like you will be getting the very best in a replica fish mount. What are you waiting for? Order yours today.
We are the Elite fish taxidermy studio

Examples of Elite Bass replicas.


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